Chapter 6 was a refreshing overview of the social media landscape.  For those who have grown up with a cell phone in their pocket much of the information in the chapter would be common knowledge.  Growing up knowing the difference between analog and digital I found a few points worth repeating.

  • Ask yourself two questions: First, “Would I say this to my audience face to face?” and second, “Am I comfortable with this message becoming a permanent part of my personal and professional communication history?”
  • E-mail messages and other electronic documents have the same legal weigh as printed documents, and they are often used as evidence in lawsuits and criminal investigations.
  • If you use social media frequently, much of your writing will involve status updates and announcements.  However, don’t post trivial information tat only you are likely to find interesting.

One topic that I thought could have been included in the chapter was the use of apps in social media.  With apps slowly becoming the preferred method of accessing data, businesses must learn to harness the power of these content portals.